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Dry Summer & Bird Feeders Blamed on Rat Problem in Kenmore, Town of Tonawanda | News

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Dry Summer & Bird Feeders Blamed on Rat Problem in Kenmore, Town of Tonawanda

TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WGRZ) - Sightings of rats are higher than normal this summer in the Village of Kenmore and Town of Tonawanda. Officials are considering new regulations on bird feeders and pet waste.

The Erie County Health Department says there have been 299 rat sightings reported in Ken-Ton since June 30th. The say that there are a number of reasons for that. One being the hot and dry summer. Rats are more on the move in search of water and food. Officials also say that bird feeders and ground feeding of birds and squirrels are attracting the unwanted guests. Another attraction for rodents in pet waste.

Kenmore Village Clerk Kathleen Johnson says Village officials are considering stricter regulations regarding pet waste and bird feeders. The issue may be addressed at their next Village Board meeting on September 8th.

The Village recently sent out flyers that included tips on keeping your property free of rodents. 

-Use your Village garbage tote and make sure the lid is closed tightly.                                                                                           

-Don't place any garbage out in plastic bags.                        

-Remove pet food from outside areas.

-Clean pet droppings daily.

-Pile wood and storage materials away from walls and at least 18" above ground.

-Keep grass and weeds cut low, particularly behind garages and sheds, and around porches and decks.

-Eliminate all debris and trash that may provide shelter.

-Do NOT feed birds with seed or bread.

-Seal any holes in your home, garage and shed foundations.



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