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EPA Orders Tonawanda Coke To Clean Waste Water | News

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EPA Orders Tonawanda Coke To Clean Waste Water

TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WGRZ) - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today ordered Tonawanda Coke to comply with the Clean Water Act. Testing done during the months of April, March and June discovered that the plant was releasing cyanide in amounts that exceeded permitted levels in their waste water which is sent to the Town of Tonawanda's Water Treatment Facility.

Under their permit with the Town of Tonawanda, Tonawanda Coke processes its waste water at the plant. The water is permitted to contain several chemicals, but only at certain amounts. Cyanide, for example, cannot exceed 1.1 parts per million. Those chemicals are treated and/or removed before the water is sent into the Niagara River by the treatment plant.

Several tests found Tonawanda Coke in excess of those levels. Under the EPA order, the company has 30 days to produce a rectification plan and 120 days to fully comply. If that does not happen, fines and other penalties could be imposed.


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