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Technology Workers Install More than 1,300 New Pieces of Equipment | Schools

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Technology Workers Install More than 1,300 New Pieces of Equipment

While students have enjoyed time off in the sweltering summer months, workers in the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District Information Technology (IT) Department have been very busy ensuring many of those students and their teachers return to classrooms with brand new computers and other technological tools.  As part of an innovative and ambitious initiative, IT workers have been installing more than 1,300 pieces of new equipment across the District over the summer break.  Part of the plan includes new computers in all three middle schools: Benjamin Franklin Middle, Hoover Middle, and Kenmore Middle.

“Changes in curriculum and marketplace expectations necessitates that we continue to provide students with 21st century technology.  This installation is part of our continuing, long-range Technology Plan.  I am incredibly proud of our team of IT workers, who are doing a great job so that children and teachers have the best technology possible,” said Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District Information Technology Director Martin Wende.

Ten interactive “Smartboards” are being installed mostly at elementary schools across the District with one being added at Kenmore West High School.  That important technological teaching tool is an electronic and interactive “21st century chalkboard” that serves as a computer and allows teachers to enhance lessons through the use of the internet, video and audio.

New technology being installed over the summer months in Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District buildings include:

  • 844 Computers
  • 240 Laptop Computers
  • 135 Projectors
  • 120 Wireless Tablets
  • 10 Smartboards
  • 10 Printers

“Our students and staff will have the very best technological tools to strengthen teaching methods and increase student achievement.  This is only possible because of the hard work and dedication of workers in our IT Department and building engineers in our schools,” said Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District Superintendent Mark P. Mondanaro.

“The use of interactive ‘Smartboards’ greatly enhances the ability for educators to teach students, many of whom will be using brand new computers in their schools.  The job of installing all of this new equipment isn’t easy over such a short time-frame and I commend our IT Department,” said Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District Board of Education President Bob Dana.

Under the leadership of IT Director Martin Wende computer technician specialists Ken Chandler, Brandon Chiarmonte, Chris Galik, Colleen McGroder, Tim Murphy, Fred Rycombel, and Bruce Vallett were responsible for installing computers while computer technician specialists Mike Shovlin and Bruce Zeller were responsible for installing projectors.

In addition to the technology added this summer, innovative technological teaching tools are found in classrooms across the District and used in many ways to improve lessons for students.  The computer program “V-Frog” at Kenmore East High School allows students to virtually dissect animals. 

“Electronic E-tablets” are used at Holmes Elementary School.  A recent lesson involved 5th grade students who used this innovative technology to solve improper fractions.  Four teams of students solved their respective math problems using the “Electronic E-tablets” and then presented their results through the classroom projection system. 

Students and teachers use “Interwrite Mobi” devices that are similar to wireless tablet “notebooks,” that allow multiple students in the same classroom to collaborate on solving the same problem.  Teachers use state of the art “Elmo Digital Visual Presenters” to scan documents or objects at 30-frames per second and have those images projected on screens.  Teachers were given one “Flip” digital video cameras per grade level to incorporate images into lessons.  Physical education teachers use heart rate monitors to closely monitor the health and well being of students during strenuous activities.

“Our building engineers have done a great job working with the IT department to have our computers installed and classrooms ready for the start of school in September.  Even the newest technologies do not stay current for extended periods of time and we are excited about having the opportunity to increase our students’ knowledge in making them competitive in the cutting edge world of technology," said Hoover Middle School Principal Carmelina Persico.


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