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“Welcome Crew” Welcomes New Students at Kenmore West | Schools

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“Welcome Crew” Welcomes New Students at Kenmore West

Elizabeth Brock, a Junior at Kenmore West High School, and Sophomore James Benders, both have fond and welcoming memories of their first day as Freshmen at Kenmore West.  Neither felt nervous, lost, or not welcome when they walked into the school for the first time as freshman. 

They knew exactly where homeroom was, where their classes were throughout the building, and even remembered friends from their Freshman Orientation.  A big reason for that feeling of comfort was the “Welcome Crew” at Kenmore West High School, a group of student volunteers who worked hard making the transition to high school an easy one.

“Being a freshman was great.  I loved it.  The first day was really easy because everyone was so nice, and students showed you where to go,” said Brock.

“I wasn’t nervous at all, thanks to the ‘Welcome Crew,’” said Benders.

Both students enjoyed the experience so much and were thankful for the help from the Kenmore West “Welcome Crew” that they became two of the 60 volunteers this year that helped incoming freshman feel welcome at this year’s Freshman Orientation.

“It feels great to be able to help out, to show students to their room, give them their schedule, and make them feel comfortable as a new Ken West student,” added Benders.

“I love helping everyone out.  It’s great to help incoming students feel just as accepted and comfortable as I was when I was a freshman,” added Brock.

Approximately 407 incoming students were invited to participate in Freshman Orientation at Kenmore West High School.  Students were first greeted by “Welcome Crew” volunteers who couldn’t be missed in their bright neon green t-shirts inside and outside of Kenmore West High School.  New students were given schedules, escorted to their homerooms, shown exactly where within the building their new classes would be, and assigned lockers.  The day was wrapped up with a big picnic for incoming freshmen, ‘Welcome Crew’ volunteers, and Kenmore West staff members.

“Having volunteers from the ‘Welcome Crew’ sends a message to incoming students: that we appreciate you, we accept you, we want you here, and we want to make you feel a part of our Ken West family, said Kenmore West High School Welcome Crew and Challenge Club Advisor Darcy France.

One aspect of Freshman Orientation that staff most looks forward to is when students write a letter to themselves and are given the letter four years from now when they are Seniors.

“It is amazing to see the tremendous growth in the young men and women who come here as wide-eyed freshmen and who leave our Ken West community as adults who have the tools to succeed in college and beyond.  For now, we hope they feel welcome and not overwhelmed on their first day of school,” added France.


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