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TCC Buffalo Welcomes the Elimination of Osama Bin Laden | Arts & Culture

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TCC Buffalo Welcomes the Elimination of Osama Bin Laden
TCC Buffalo Welcomes the Elimination of Osama Bin Laden

The Turkish Cultural Center welcomes the elimination of Osama bin Laden that was announced by the President  Barack Obama, and that justice has been delivered. It is hoped that this announcement marks the beginning of an era, in which the new beginning between the United States and the Muslim World thrives on the basis of mutual respect and understanding as President Obama put forth in his historic addresses respectively in Ankara and Cairo.

In line with the spirit and passion of the Turkish-American community, the Turkish Cultural Center is dedicated to fostering national and global peace, harmony and security through promotion of intercultural understanding, democracy, and respect for human rights and dignity. It is the firm belief of the Turkish Cultural Center that nothing can justify terrorism and killing innocent people. Nothing could be farther from the peaceful religion of Islam than using such an illegal, illegitimate, and wretched method in the name of that religion. The Turkish Cultural Center hopes for a more secure and peaceful world, where people of different cultures, religions, races and creeds embrace one another without any prejudices.

The Turkish Cultural Center is hosting a "Dinner for Abrahamic Traditions", on Tuesday, May 10, that will bring together local religious community leaders from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions.

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