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2 Your Career: Contacting and Interviewing | Business

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2 Your Career: Contacting and Interviewing
2 Your Career: Contacting and Interviewing

Job hunting while you are Still Employed

Job Searching while you are still employed is particularly exhausting because it must be done in addition to your normal work and family responsibilities work yourself. Do not overwork yourself to the point of exhaustion because you will look exhausted walking into a perspective completely being there you’re your family. Another important think to keep in mind is you do not want to be too exhausted to conduct your current business at work.

Having employment while you are seeking additional or new employment has many advantages. When you find yourself unemployed you do not have assets to keep fuel in the car, or bus pass, you may not have the best clothing, and may not have the ability to afford the typical two week waiting period or more for your first payroll check.

Transportation, that is flexible enough for the demands of an employer is difficult if you do not own a automobile of your own, but the mature and professional among us will make the time investment to leave early, walk to work, board a bus early to avoid service outages on NFTA, late or unreliable bus service or accidents.

Making Contact

If you must be in an office or retail outlet during normal business hours, it will be very difficult to attend typical business interviews for employment. With the newer technology that has been deployed, interviews can b conducted via skype, text messaging can help recruiters promote employment opportunities and email and text based searches of resumes can help recruiters but can also screan out some applicants making it very controversial.

Scheduling Interviews

Depending on the employer and the industry you work in, setting appointments in the morning pre-work hours, or after work, or weekends may be an option. The simple fact of the matter is employers like to show that they have the power in the relationship and will most likely tell you when they have time to speak with you. Straight commission, draw against and outside sales professionals can meet anywhere at any time and usually do.

Be Honest

It is important for you to be honest with the interviewer and indicate the reasoning about the appointment be made before work, lunch or later in the evening. The recruiter should respect the fact that you are making appointments outside the normal working hours as to minimize the impact on the current employer’s operations.

Disclosure: Brian Scott Luke is a recruiter for Harvard Risk Management, and holds a Masters in Finance and Accounting



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