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Cool Gel ’n Cap Can Help Ease Earache Pain
Cool Gel ’n Cap Can Help Ease Earache Pain

Cool Gel ’n Cap, a unique first aid cap for children developed right here in Western New York, can help relieve your child’s fear and discomfort from bumps and bruises, earaches, ear infections and headaches. In this week’s article, we’ll cover the topic of earaches.

Earaches in children are a periodic source of discomfort, particularly in toddlers. In fact, toddlers have about four earaches per year, on average.

What's the difference between an earache and ear infection? According to Dr. Alan Greene at www.drgreene.com, “Earaches and ear infections overlap each other, but are not identical. This often causes confusion. An earache is the feeling of pain in the ear. Ear pain can have a number of different causes.”

Among the many possible causes of earache are ear infections; swimmer’s ear; earwax buildup; ear stuffiness/airplane ears; blocked ear tubes due to colds, hay fever or second-hand cigarette smoke; and certain medications.

Typical signs of childhood earaches include: ear seeps with fluid or excess wax; pulling or rubbing ears often, or even holding or cupping the ear; crying or unusual fussiness; ear pain; fever; irritability; trouble hearing; and sudden loss of appetite.

Every childhood earache needs attention, but not all earaches benefit from antibiotics. A doctor visit will help determine the earache's cause and the best course of treatment.

An excellent pain reliever is warm, moist heat around the ear. A warm (not hot) heat source held over the ear will greatly reduce discomfort. This allows the fluid trapped inside the ear to slowly drain and does relieve the pressure immensely.

Parents can use the Cool Gel ’n Cap to provide their children with pain relief for earaches without the inconvenience of holding a warm compress against the child’s head. Both parent and child can be “hands-free.” The gel pack within the Cool Gel ’n Cap can be heated for ear pain relief.

Cool Gel ’n Cap is non-toxic and encased in fabric to protect your child from any burning sensation that certain other types of warm compresses can produce. Children can play and function normally while receiving soothing pain relief for earaches through the Cool Gel ’n Cap.

For more information on Cool Gel ’n Cap, priced at just $19.99, please visit www.coolgelncap.net.





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