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When a Child Has a Headache, Cool Gel ‘n Cap Can Help | Business

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When a Child Has a Headache, Cool Gel ‘n Cap Can Help
When a Child Has a Headache, Cool Gel ‘n Cap Can Help

Cool Gel 'n Cap, a unique first aid cap for children developed in Western New York, can help relieve your child’s fear and discomfort from bumps and bruises, earaches, ear infections and headaches. In this article, we’ll explore the headache angle.

Parents often ask doctors, “Why do kids get headaches?” and “Should I be concerned if my child complains of one?” Kids’ headaches are actually quite common. Studies have shown that 40 percent of children have had a headache by age seven, and three out of four have had them by age 15. Of those, 4 percent are migraine sufferers.

Most headaches in children are only temporary inconveniences. But because they can sometimes indicate a more serious problem, a persistent headache should never be ignored. Unfortunately, kids’ headaches are sometimes overlooked, as toddlers do not express themselves in the same way as older kids.


Signs of headaches in children

• Furrowing the brow or squinting the eyes

• Grimacing or holding the head

• Aversion to bright lights

• Discomfort around loud noises

• Crankiness

• Complaining of head pain

 Headaches in kids often are hereditary. If you or your spouse suffer from headaches, your child may, too.


Potential headache triggers 

• Certain medications (headaches can be a side effect)

• Too little sleep or sudden changes in sleep patterns

• Skipping meals

• Dehydration

• Being under a lot of stress

• Having a minor head injury

• Excessive computer or TV usage

• Changes in hormone levels

• Strong odors such as perfume, smoke, fumes, or a new car or carpet

• Excessive caffeine

• Consumption of certain foods, including high-fat foods or highly processed foods (such as those containing nitrates, aspartame, MSG, preservatives or other additives)

Fortunately, most kids’ headaches aren't signs that something more is wrong. Only 10 percent of headaches are caused by other medical conditions, such as infections or other serious illnesses.

If you are looking for a way to relieve your child's headache without medication, simply apply a cool compress with the Cool Gel 'n Cap. Just cool a gel pack to a suitable temperature and insert it into the Cool Gel 'n Cap to give your child instant headache relief.

While other types of compresses can feel freezing cold and even painful against the skin, these compresses are non-toxic and encased in fabric to ensure comfort. Plus, the Cool Gel 'n Cap's hands-free design allows children to play and function normally while getting headache pain relief.

For more information on Cool Gel ‘n Cap, priced at just $19.99, please visit www.coolgelncap.net.

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