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WNY Resident Invents Unique First Aid Cap for Children | Business

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WNY Resident Invents Unique First Aid Cap for Children
WNY Resident Invents Unique First Aid Cap for Children

As a parent, you want to place your child in a protective bubble so they never succumb to the inevitable head bump. But when an injury does occur, it’s hard to be comforting while holding an ice pack on a squirming child. Fortunately, Cool Gel ‘n Gear LLC — based in Western New York — recently introduce its Cool Gel ‘n Cap product for just this situation!  

The Cool Gel ‘n Cap is a unique and cute first aid hat for toddlers and young children. An adorable plush hat holds an ice pack in place for bumps, bruises, earaches, headaches, etc., leaving Mom and Dad’s hands free to comfort and calm their child with a soothing touch.  

“Have you ever tried to hold an ice pack on a child’s head?” asked WNY resident Timothy Panicali, president and co-inventor of Cool Gel ‘n Cap. “The concept grew from an experience my wife and I went through when we attempted to soothe our son after he bumped his head as a toddler. After careful research and consultation with professionals, including our pediatrician, we developed the Cool Gel ‘n Cap as a convenient solution for families.”

Each cap is in the shape of a playful animal character, and each package includes two non-toxic gel packs that can be heated or cooled, as well as one non-toxic instant ice pack for emergency or on-the-go situations. There are no limits to placement of gel packs in the hat. Also, a coloring book is included in the package with all the fun Cool Gel ‘n Cap characters.  

“The combination of the hat and gel packs help to soothe a child’s pain and ease anxiety while making it easier for adults to apply the proper cold or heat therapy,” added co-inventor Ewelina Panicali. “Any parent will appreciate how easy and quick Cool Gel ‘n Cap makes it to provide comfort to their child in what is most often a stressful situation for both.” 

With the hat holding the gel pack in place on the injury, the parent or guardian can hold the child and concentrate on calming them or placing a phone call to a doctor if the situation requires it.

Safety was a priority in designing the Cool Gel ‘n Cap. All gel packs are non-toxic and safe for use with children. The packs are also fabric that will not burn when heated, and the hat itself is made of a durable polyester, cotton and spandex mix to ensure a snug fit for children ages 12 months and up.  

For more information, please visit www.coolgelncap.net or follow Cool Gel ‘n Cap on Facebook.

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