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Use the “Where’s My Refund?” Tool


Taxpayers who have not yet received their income tax refunds can use “Where’s My Refund?” app to check the status. Find it on IRS.gov or the free IRS mobile app IRS2Go.

Here are five tips to know about “Where’s My Refund?”:

1. Some Refunds Delayed. Beginning in 2017, certain taxpayers will get their refunds later. By law, the IRS cannot issue refunds before February 15 for any tax return claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC). The IRS must hold the entire refund, not just the part related to the EITC or ACTC. The IRS began releasing delayed 2016 EITC and ACTC refunds on February 15.

Check Out These Tax Benefits for Parents

Taxpayers with children may qualify for certain tax benefits. Parents should consider child-related tax benefits when filing their federal tax return:

Six Tax Tips for the Self-Employed

Self-employed taxpayers normally earn income by carrying on a trade or business. Here are six important tips from the IRS for the self-employed:

Are Social Security Benefits Taxable?

If taxpayers receive Social Security benefits, they may have to pay federal income tax on part of those benefits. These IRS tips will help taxpayers determine if they need to do so.

Five Things to Know About the Child Tax Credit

The Child Tax Credit is a tax credit that may save taxpayers up to $1,000 for each eligible qualifying child. Taxpayers should make sure they qualify before they claim it. Here are five facts from the IRS on the Child Tax Credit:

1. Qualifications. For the Child Tax Credit, a qualifying child must pass several tests:

·         Age. The child must have been under age 17 on Dec. 31, 2016.

2 Your Career: Contacting and Interviewing

2 Your Career: Contacting and Interviewing

Job hunting while you are Still Employed

Job Searching while you are still employed is particularly exhausting because it must be done in addition to your normal work and family responsibilities work yourself. Do not overwork yourself to the point of exhaustion because you will look exhausted walking into a perspective completely being there you’re your family. Another important think to keep in mind is you do not want to be too exhausted to conduct your current business at work.

Having employment while you are seeking additional or new employment has many advantages. When you find yourself unemployed you do not have assets to keep fuel in the car, or bus pass, you may not have the best clothing, and may not have the ability to afford the typical two week waiting period or more for your first payroll check.

2 Your Career December 2017 Deadlines Tax Filing Dates

2 Your Career December 2017 Deadlines Tax Filing Dates

15th     Corporation Tax (New York C Corporation and New York S Corporation) Estimated Tax Payments for Calendar Year Filers Due
20th     Sales Tax Return for Monthly Filers Due
      Sales Tax Return for Quarterly Filers Due