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Veterans Day – A Day of Honor – A Day to Honor

Veterans Day – A Day of Honor – A Day to Honor

“Thank-A-Vet” Program Honors Veterans

To each and every American who has worn the uniform of the United States, I simply say “Thank you for your service”   ~Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs

On Veterans Day, we honor the men and women who have served our nation, both in war and in peace; the men and women who answered the call to defend our nation. The United States rose to greatness on the strength of their service and their stories are woven into the fabric of our nation’s history. More than 26 million veterans are alive today, one million of which have been wounded and many of whom receive treatment for battlefield injuries and mental trauma suffered in battles few of us remember but they will never forget. 

NT Police: Child Safety Seat Inspection Oct 19, 500 Wheatfield

NT Police: Child Safety Seat Inspection Oct 19, 500 Wheatfield

NORTH TONAWANDA, NY (Police) - North Tonawanda Police Department today anounces the City's next child safety seat event. The Department stresses the importnce that the location has changed and the infomation below is most accurate.

The next Child Passenger Safety Seat check is;

Saturday, October 19, 2013, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. 

NYS Announces Deadline UI Early Repayment Program via Facebook Page

NYS Announces Deadline UI Early Repayment Program via Facebook Page


Notice: The following article is not meant for legal nor financial advice any questions about the program should be directed to the New York State Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance Division. I am not implying NYS is doing anything wrong, merely offering a devil's advocate question and information about a program for purposes of conversation and improvement of publicity of important programs in the future.

New York State is announcing a program, but did so over their facebok page. Is this an includive way to announce a program that can actualy incriminate individuals if they do not have the required knowledge of the program to take advantage of it?

New York State Department of labor announces the “Unemployment Insurance Early Repayment” program. According to the department this program is designed to help those who have collected unemployment benefits to which they are not entitled.

Security: Using visual design to defeat a Global Threat

Update - LONDON : Recently the United States Advertising council celebrated their 70th birthday of serving non-for profits and civic groups in communicating their campaign messages to the masses. The messages that the organization was once responsible for were government messages, much like keeping security and confidentiality a top of mind concern.

As an update to the gallery of posters offered during the Ad council story, here in this post there is a link provided to some examples of how London is producing a top of mind anti-terror campaign. The posters are bold and offer an educational message that the public can carry through their day. The public in London is encouraged to report suspected behavior to a phone number. The most interesting thing about this campaign is the communication in the posters actually tell people what to look for.

This Day in History: Only 30 more Mondays to Go until 2014

Today is Monday. (Ugg) Yep, and don’t fret, only about 30 more of these to go until New Year’s 2014, which happens to be two days after Monday, which would make it Wednesday. Well, at least we aren’t talking about Monday anymore … yet, we are. 

On this date in 1567.  Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned in Lochleven Castle prison in Scotland.  Unconfirmed reports of an unruly croud chanting “Bad Girl - Bad Girl, What thou gonn’a do?” are unconfirmed. The charge was

On this date in 1745 the English fleet occupies Cap Breton on St Lawrence River

In 1775 the Liberty Bell rings for the Second Continental Congress. In 1954 on this day, Ezzard Charles get his bell rung by the World Heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano while Charles was attempting to become the first boxer to recover the heavyweight title. The fight went fifteen rounds and was decided in unanimous decision.

Friday Music

Friday Music

Friday                                    Artist / Band         Rebecca Black

Friday’s Child                      Artist / Band         Nancy Sinatra

Black Friday                        Artist / Band         Steely Dan

Friday On My Mind              Artist / Band         The Easy Beats

Thursday Music

Thursday Songs: Just some fun Thursday related musical notes; Songs, band names that relate to the word, Thursday, which happens to be today. 

·         Thursday Jim Croche


·         Thursday’s Child / Bowie


o    Artist                                      : David Bowie

o    Composer                            : David Bowie

Release Date               : September 20, 1999