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2 Your Career: Personality Tests As Career Tools

2 Your Career: Personality Tests As Career Tools

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It can be helpful to focus on what you have been good at and what you have enjoyed. This can be different and unique and makes each one of us special. Some people have a special gift for creativity and others may have a call to service, to service others. The important thing to remember is you are not your job, a job is what you do to support your family, support your life needs, pay your rent, but don’t let anything get in the way if family and your happiness.

Maybe your natural skill of a language and ability to communicate with others may lead you to a career in teaching languages. You may be the person that helps someone communicate more skillfully and that can lead to better tomorrows.

Some of the tools that are available to help find a new career include the following:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Similar can be found online)

2 Your Career: Personal Investment and Willingness to Change

2 Your Career: Personal Investment and Willingness to Change

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When starting your search in a specific market, or a specific industry, it is important to know how much of a personal investment you are willing to make into your success to obtain the most powerful experience, and assets for your possible future employers,

The State of the Industry

Ask Yourself whether the industry you are interested is in a bear or bull status for not only the current but in the next five to ten years.  It is an important to keep in mind just because a certain field is excelling at the time you are ready to seek work. Keeping in mind that many products, trends and hiring patterns are cyclical, or run along with a product life cycle.  Good Examples would be landscaping can turn to snowplowing. Tax accounting may turn to financial advising, and possible quarterly filings.

Industry Booming or Busting:

Choosing the Correct Filing Status

When taxpayers file their tax return, it’s important they use the right filing status because it can affect the amount of tax they owe for the year. It may even determine if they must file a tax return at all. Taxpayers should keep in mind that their marital status on Dec. 31 is their status for the whole year.

Sometimes more than one filing status may apply to taxpayers. When that happens, taxpayers should choose the one that allows them to pay the least amount of tax.

When filing their tax return, taxpayers have IRS e-file as the easiest and most accurate way to file. Its tax software helps them choose the right filing status. Most people can use tax software and e-file for free with IRS Free File. This is a free service only available on the IRS website. Visit IRS.gov and click “Free File” on the home page.

Here’s a list of the five filing statuses:

How Exemptions and Dependents Can Reduce Taxable Income

Most taxpayers can claim an exemption for themselves and reduce their taxable income on their tax return. They may also be able to claim an exemption for each of their dependents. Each exemption normally allows them to deduct $4,050 on their 2016 tax return. Here are seven key points to keep in mind on dependents and exemptions:

1. Personal Exemptions.  Taxpayers can usually claim exemptions for themselves and their spouses on a jointly filed tax return. For married taxpayers filing separate returns, an exemption can only be claimed for a spouse if that spouse:

Things to Remember When Choosing a Tax Preparer


Taxpayers should choose their tax return preparer wisely – with good reason. Taxpayers are responsible for all the information on their income tax return. That’s true no matter who prepares the return. Here are ten tax tips to keep in mind:

1. Check the Preparer’s Qualifications. Use the IRS Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers with Credentials and Select Qualifications. This tool helps taxpayers find a tax return preparer with the qualifications that they prefer. The Directory is a searchable and sortable listing of preparers with a credentials or filing season qualifications. It includes the name, city, state and zip code of:

Claim the Earned Income Tax Credit

The Earned Income Tax Credit has helped workers with low and moderate incomes get a tax break for 40 plus years. Yet, one out of every five eligible workers fails to claim it. Here are some things taxpayers should know about the EITC:

WNY Mobile Steam & Maker Lab Powered By AT&T Unveiled for Urban Schools

WNY Mobile Steam & Maker Lab Powered By AT&T Unveiled for Urban Schools

Innovative initiative is a collaboration of Computers For Children, WNY STEM Hub and AT&T to ensure more students have the opportunity to experience STEAM and makerspace educational opportunities