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The REAL Iron Chefs are Coming to Ransomville | Events

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The REAL Iron Chefs are Coming to Ransomville
The REAL Iron Chefs are Coming to Ransomville

The Iron Chefs are coming to Ransomville next weekend. And I am not talking about any of  those hyped up TV Chefs- but rather a select group of  enthusiasts, composed of mostly Boy Scout educators (and a few of us barbecue cooks thrown in) that are keeping alive a tradition of cooking that dates back to the 1800's.  While this style of cooking is all but lost to a select few these days- mainly Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troups, and a dedicated group of RV'ers- This local group tries to gather at least once a month during the nicer weather, to cook together, eat together and enjoy each others company.

The Ransomville Free Methodist Church will host the May gathering - or DOG- that stands for Dutch Oven Gathering. , as they are known to other Dutch oven enthusiasts, Saturday May 14th, from 10 am until 1 pm in the church parking lot at 3924 Ransomville Road, just outside of the hamlet of Ransomville.

Dutch oven cooking involves large cast iron pots that utilize hot coals being placed above and below the pot to heat the prepared food to the desired temperature. It involves a little bit of skill and learning about fire management  but this is exactly why the group cooks together - to share learning experiences and technique. It is also about social interaction as much as it  is about cooking.

Dutch ovens were so highly prized in early American history, that Martha Washington has been said to have listed her Dutch ovens in her will. "anything that can be prepared in a conventional oven can be prepared in a Dutch oven" says Chapter President, Stan Kowalski, "It is just a matter of modifying your technique".

So  when the next "October Storm" hits WNY or we get another round of 80+ MPH winds, and loose power for a week, this is the group of people I want to be hanging with! They know how to prepare great food without the use of electricity or gas ovens.  Some of the food that is prepared in these ovens rivals the food produced at many restaurants and bakeries. 

The Society is very receptive to answering questions and helping newcomers to learn the art of Dutch Oven cooking.  Feel free to stop by and observe how the food is prepared and learn more about the Society next Saturday afternoon.



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