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Teen Hockey Player Makes Video Game History | News

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Teen Hockey Player Makes Video Game History

NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y. - Lexi Peters, 14, a freshman at Starpoint High from North Tonawanda enjoys playing NHL hockey with her friends on Playstation. She's a real hockey player too; for five years now. She's in a Niagara University Junior League. But when she plays her NHL video game, the virtual players you can choose are only guys. There were no virtual female players. Lexi complained about it to her dad once late last year.

"It was kind of jokingly, I said, why don't you write and letter and see what happens," said Tim Peters, Lexi's dad.

Lexi ended up writing a letter to the CEO of EA Sports, the company who produces her favorite hockey video games NHL 10 and NHL 11. She asked the CEO for the option of a female player she could choose. She heard back from them rather quickly.

"They said, no we can't and they have to talk to the NHL and it just wouldn't work out," Lexi said.

But a few months later she got an email saying they had a change of heart.

"Did you think you would be able to do something like this, make a big change like this?" 2  On your Side's Josh Boose asked Lexi.

"No I actually never did, like, after we wrote the letter, we didn't hear back for a while so I pretty much forgot about it," said Lexi. "Then we got the letter and said, oh well, worth a try. So, no not really I never thought it would get this big."

Big because not only will there be a female player option on NHL 12, but that female will be in the likeness of Lexi.

EA Sports wasn't available for an interview Monday night but one of the game's producers, David Littman, spoke to Yahoo News saying, "my first thought was that we want to make people happy with our game. And here's one girl who wasn't happy."

Lexi is happy now. And though she looks tough in her hockey helmet,  Lexi's shy and just wants to put her virtual self to the test and keep a low profile.

"Yeah, pretty much, that's about it," she said.

Lexi says she feel accomplished and offers this message for girl gamers everywhere who can finally play some virtual hockey with something that resembles them.

"Have fun", said Lexi.

As far as we know, this is the only official N-H-L game that now has a female player option.

The game, NHL12, was officially released at midnight on Tuesday morning.


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