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What Makes You A Great Mom? Ask Your Kids! | People

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What Makes You A Great Mom? Ask Your Kids!
What Makes You A Great Mom? Ask Your Kids!

It's Mother's Day this Sunday and we all know how special moms are, but what makes a great mom? Well, to answer that we went right to the source: the kids! We asked our MomsLikeMe.com members to send in their children's reply to the question, "What makes me a great mom?" The answers, as you may imagine, are many and varied, but all of them are adorable!

This picture of 6-year-old Sarah and her 3-year-old brother Sammy was sent in by their mother. Sarah says, “Oh, I have a whole collection of reasons I love you.  I just love you to Polaris and back." Suffice it to say, that’s quite a bit! 3-year-old Sammy put it in simpler terms, he just says, “I lub you mommy.”

We'd love to hear how your kids answer that question! Just go to MomsLikeMe.com and click on the "My Mom Is The Greatest" story on the top of the homepage. From there you can upload a picture and their answer - it's bound to be unique!


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