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Represenatative Slaughter Comments on State of Union Address | Politics

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Represenatative Slaughter Comments on State of Union Address
Represenatative Slaughter Comments on State of Union Address

Representative Slaughter has released the released the following statement in reference to the State of the Union.

The State of the Union is a unique opportunity for the country to come together.

I’m proud to say that University of Rochester President Joel Seligman was my guest to the speech last night. Joel is a great friend and has been an incredible partner in helping Rochester grow, particularly in our three-year-long fight to get Rochester named the national photonics hub.

This year, with President Obama’s tenure coming to a close, we have a special opportunity to celebrate gains, but also to set course for the future. Together in the chamber of the House of Representatives, Joel and I heard President Obama remind us of the positive changes we’ve seen over the past several years. From gay marriage equality to recovering from the greatest recession since the Great Depression, our country is stronger now than when President Obama came into office seven years ago.

We cheered when President Obama declared, “let’s make America the country that cures cancer once and for all.” My years in Congress have been laser-focused on ensuring that robust funding is available for innovative research to find cures for cancer and other devastating diseases. Cancer is an indiscriminate killer that has touched all of us. It’s time to find a cure. What’s more, an investment in medical research across the country is an investment in Rochester. With our world class medical centers, workforce, training, and research centers, the Rochester area is primed to have a big part in any national research endeavor.

President Obama also spoke powerfully about ending gun violence, closing the gender pay gap, ensuring that college is affordable, raising the minimum wage, and eradicating poverty. These are issues I care deeply about and impact Rochesterians directly. Rochester is on the rise, but there is much to be done to ensure that everyone has a shot at the American dream.


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