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Ken-Ton Students Crush the Competition at "Tech Wars 2011" | Schools

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Ken-Ton Students Crush the Competition at "Tech Wars 2011"
Ken-Ton Students Crush the Competition at "Tech Wars 2011"

Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District students took no prisoners when they invaded Erie Community College on May 19th, 2011 to compete in “Tech Wars 2011.”  The Western New York Technology Association invited all area middle and high school students to compete against the area’s technologically elite. Over 300 middle and high school students from as far away as Rochester attended the event to show off their technological creations and compete against others.

At Hoover and Kenmore Middle Schools, students who are members of “Tech Club” designed and built technological creations to compete in various events.  Ken-Ton Students competed in the mousetrap powered vehicles, marshmallow launchers, home design, bridge design and robotic soccer events.

Kenmore Middle Students Tyler Stuebchen and Emma McCabe ran away with the mousetrap vehicle competition.  Competitors have three distances totaled, and Tyler and Emma’s vehicle covered 380 feet in three runs to take first place.  Hoover Middle students Kailyn Burke, Jacinda McGilveary, and Emily Laufer finished 4th with a distance of 185 feet.    

Hoover Middle students dominated in the middle school Soccer Bot arena.  With robot parts flying in every direction, the battle weary crew fought their way to five of the top six places. Don Beasley, Doug Hahn, David Territo, and John Miranda placed 6th.  Kyle Hawke and Justin Moser place 5th.  Tim Scott and Julian Drake placed 4th. Sara Taylor and Shannon Munley placed 3rd.  John Boughton, Terry Cook, Ryan Karaszewski, and Max Kalnitz placed 2nd in the competition.

The future looks bright for Hoover Middle School’s future architects.  The students had to design a Habitat for Humanity house using 3D computer modeling software and then constructed a scale model of the house.  Hoover Middle School students swept the entire competition. Erin Lexner finished 6th, Jenna Patterson, Jesse Warren, and Erinn Kiehl finished 5th, Alexis Troutman finished 4th, Jon Duchene finished 3rd, Sara Taylor finished 2nd and Christine Hickey and Melissa Stogsdill took home 1st place. 

Numerous Ken-Ton teachers assisted students in preparing for the regional competition and played an instrumental role in guiding student projects including: Ron Atkins, Brian Hillman, Kevin Moyer, and Clete Tepas.

“I am extremely proud of all Ken-Ton students who worked so hard on their technology respective projects.  Our students shined and held their own on a pretty big stage.  Our district stressed the importance of math, science, and technology education, and it paid off in a big way by our students doing so well at this highly respected, regional technology competition,” said Hoover Middle School Technology Teacher Brian Hillman.


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