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Technology Workers Install More than 1,300 New Pieces of Equipment

While students have enjoyed time off in the sweltering summer months, workers in the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District Information Technology (IT) Department have been very busy ensuring many of those students and their teachers return to classrooms with brand new computers and other technological tools.  As part of an innovative and ambitious initiative, IT workers have been installing more than 1,300 pieces of new equipment across the District over the summer break.  Part of the plan includes new computers in all three middle schools: Benjamin Franklin Middle, Hoover Middle, and Kenmore Middle.

“Changes in curriculum and marketplace expectations necessitates that we continue to provide students with 21st century technology.  This installation is part of our continuing, long-range Technology Plan.  I am incredibly proud of our team of IT workers, who are doing a great job so that children and teachers have the best technolog

District Updates Project SAVE Policy to Reflect Rapid Technology Changes

Students in the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District will be held to a much higher standard this upcoming school year concerning the use of technology and violations of the District’s Code of Conduct.  District stakeholders, keenly aware of the increased use by students of mobile devices, social networking websites, instant messaging, and chat rooms, have updated the District’s Project SAVE (Safe Schools Against Violence in Education) policy to include disciplinary action against students who use technology to defame, tease, bully, or harass other students.

“Our District took pro-active measures to protect students and foster a safe environment for them inside and outside of schools.  We worked expeditiously to update our Code of Conduct to reflect rapid changes in technology,” said Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District Superintendent Mark P.