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Are NY's Cyberbullying Laws Tough Enough? | Crime

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Are NY's Cyberbullying Laws Tough Enough?
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Are NY's Cyberbullying Laws Tough Enough?

With the recent death of 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer from Williamsville because of constant bullying since middle school, it has many here in WNY and around the nation asking do we need legislation to protect our children. Here in WNY we do have legislation but many are asking if our laws go far enough.

The Dignity for All Students Act was signed into law by Governor Paterson in September of 2010. The act is to be fully implemented by July 1st, 2012. The Dignity for All Students Act requires that school administrators, teachers, and personnel work together to provide a school environment that is free of harassment and discrimination.

The district must also adopt guidelines to be used in school training programs that raise awareness and sensitively to issues. It must also provide teachers and staff with the appropriate tools to deal with these types of situations. This new Act takes into account all the “old” types of bullying and harassment, but it also adds to it with what we seeing in today’s world, obesity, homosexuality, and, disabilities.

Does the law go far enough? According to the Cyberbullying Research Center in a report updated in September of 2011, they broke down cyberbullying laws by state. Their report says that NY has proposed an update to its existing law, The Dignity for All Students Act. In the proposed update to the law cyberbullying is included, but does not include electronic harassment. There is currently no criminal sanction, but there is a school sanction, if the offense occurs on school grounds. NYS requires that schools have a bullying policy.

See the full story to see how well NY is doing in terms of protecting children from cyberbullying.

Are NY's cyberbullying laws tough enough

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Crime, Families, Politics

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