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Take A Stand Against Drugs and Alcohol | Events

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Take A Stand Against Drugs and Alcohol
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Take A Stand Against Drugs and Alcohol

When we reach October, everyone thinks fall, pumpkins, cider, Halloween, and football.  If you watch the NFL you’ll see many athletes wearing pink in honor of Breast Cancer awareness. While that is a worthy cause there is another cause in the month of October that is just as important. For one week in October a national campaign started in 1988 celebrates the life of DEA Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, who was killed fighting to keep illegal drugs from crossing the Mexico border.

During this week there are school campaigns, races, and community events that ask people to pledge to be drug free. Each year the campaign slogan changes, this year highlights how much times have changed since the start of the campaign in 1988. No use of illegal drugs—no illegal use of legal drugs. When the campaign started Agent Camarera was fighting the trafficking of illegal drugs, but today’s society is fighting not only the use of illegal drugs but also the illegal use of prescription drugs.

Northpointe Council, INC is a not for profit addiction agency in Niagara County. They have treatment programs and also prevention education programs. Each year the Prevention Education Program sponsors a rally for a day known as Take A Stand Day. The day is always the third Wednesday in October. The event is family friendly and allows for people to collectively take a stand against drugs and alcohol. Feel free to come down with a sign to let all the passerby’s know of your commitment to a drug free lifestyle.  The most popular signs have things like Hugs not Drugs, Join me BEE drug free.

EVENT: Take A Stand Day

WHEN: October 19, 2011

WHERE: Niagara Arts and Cultural Center located at 1201 Pine Avenue Niagara Falls NY

TIME:  4pm -- 5pm

Hope to see everyone at the NACC tonight from 4-5 to see the full article read Taking a stand against drugs and alcohol

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Events, Families, Health

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