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Governor Cuomo Releases Labor Day Statement | Politics

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Governor Cuomo Releases Labor Day Statement
Governor Cuomo Releases Labor Day Statement


STATEWIDE: Governer Cuomo released the following statement via email over the Labor Day weekend. It is offered here.

‎In New York, we are committed to creating new, good-paying jobs, securing the fair payment and treatment of workers, and ensuring that workers do not have to choose between their job and their family. I can think of no better way to celebrate Labor Day.

Because of the work we’ve done, we have the opportunity to not only reflect on the historic achievements of organized labor but also celebrate major accomplishments of the past year. Working together, New York State Democrats, our labor partners, and hardworking families across the state achieved many milestones in 2016 that will concretely improve the lives of millions of New Yorkers.

Launched on Labor Day one year ago, the Mario Cuomo Campaign for Economic Justice brought together an unprecedented group of labor leaders and advocacy organizations that fought successfully to implement a statewide minimum wage of $15 and the nation’s most comprehensive paid family leave policy. In addition, the newly formed Exploited Workers Task Force made huge steps for employment justice for exploited workers, securing the payment of $4 million in back wages and penalties in less than a year. 

While there is much to celebrate today, we cannot be complacent. Across the nation, anti-labor politicians have taken extraordinary measures to weaken unions in their states while professing to represent those who have been economically disadvantaged. They simply do not understand the realities faced by working families, and they don’t care enough to try.

Election Day is much closer than we think. We are only 63 days away from one of the most important decisions our country has ever made, a choice between continuing our momentum for working people or turning back the clock on decades of progress for workers’ rights.

Make no mistake: Donald Trump is no friend to labor. He claims he wants to make America great again, but he doesn’t even make his products in America. His policies will shrink the take-home pay of working families, give more tax breaks to corporations like his that ship jobs overseas, and undo years of accomplishments for economic justice.

In New York and across the nation, we will not stand for that. The Democratic Party is the party of the worker, and we work every day to earn that support. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who will fight for every worker across the country, just like we do in New York.

Today, I urge all of you to reflect on the remarkable progress we have made in New York and to keep fighting for workers’ rights across the nation. 


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