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Slaughter Responds to the State of the Union

Last night the President laid out a vision of America that he’s matching with planned investments to make them more than dreams.

It is his belief, and it is also mine, that America is capable of big things once again.

I was pleased to hear that his administration has highlighted high speed rail as one of the visions we will invest in to make it a reality. It will help rebuild Upstate New York and it is an investment worth making.

I look forward to working with him on this as well as rebuilding our infrastructure, increasing the number of college graduates so we will once again lead the world, and building a new economy as we protect American jobs with strong intellectual property rights.


Rep. Slaughter Speaks on the House Floor, Says Repeal of Health Care Reform is Discriminatory

Rep. Slaughter Speaks on the House Floor, Says Repeal of Health Care Reform is Discriminatory

"Any attempt to repeal or defund this legislation is simply unfair to us, our daughters, our mothers and our granddaughters" Slaughter says.

WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (NY-28) today called repeal of the Affordable Care Act discriminatory as she defending the landmark legislation. Her comments on the floor of the House of Representatives came as the Republican-lead House continues day two of their futile attempt to strip rights away from women and benefits from seniors, families and small businesses.

A transcript of Slaughter’s remarks are included below.

Video of her floor speech is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl99J3DpbIw

Legislature Chair Barbara Miller-Williams Reaffirms County Commitment to the Library

Legislature Chair Barbara Miller-Williams Reaffirms County Commitment to the Library

 Buffalo, NY –  Erie County Legislature Chair Barbara Miller-Williams (D-Buffalo, 3rd District) reaffirmed her personal commitment to the libraries today. 

 “The funding of the library system is vital to the economic vitality of Erie County.  I, for one, am committed to moving the process forward and making sure we fund the libraries to the fullest extent possible,” Miller-Williams said.  “there is a process that guides us when we are spending county money and we have to make sure we are completely accountable to the taxpayers of the county.  Right now the process is running its course and I feel confident that the funding for Library will be dedicated to them before the end of the year.”

Gallivan Overcomes Party Bosses to Claim Volker's Seat

Pat Gallivan will begin his term as State Senator in the 59th District in January and owe no one in his own party. Gallivan defeated former County Chairman Jim Domalgowski, who had been anointed by County Exec Chris Collins and endorsed by Carl Paladino, in the September primary. Gallivan then went it alone in the general election, not riding the Paladino freight train like so many other locals. Now Gallivan is his own man owning a seat in a heavily Republican district for as long as he wants it.

The "PLAYBOY" of Buffalo

    The Playboy story began in Buffalo after WWII when Lou Horwitz, who had been in the automobile business since 1935, opened a used car lot on the corner of Deleware and Hertel. Horowitz sent cars to Norm Richardson Collision Shop at 988 Ellicott St. for repair. While at Richardson's shop Horowitz learned that Richardson and Charlie Thomas were working on a three wheel car.  Thomas had built a car in the 1930's with the help of Richardson. Lou Horwitz had long believed there was a need for a second or companion car in the American automobile field. Therefore, he joined forces with Thomas and Richardson to form the Playboy Motorcar Corporation with Horwitz as president, Thomas as vice president and Richardson as treasurer.

Coalition for Economic Justice Queries State Senate Candidates

BUFFALO, N.Y. - The Coalition for Economic Justice is a Buffalo-based non-profit organization that runs local and statewide campaigns for quality jobs and greater accountability in economic development.

As an extension of our campaign programming we engage in public education efforts and also register new voters, encourage occasional voters to become more active participants in our democracy, and provide all voters with information about where candidates stand on our issues.

We are a non-partisan organization and do not endorse or oppose candidates but do seek to promote active, open public discussion on critical issues facing our community and the state of New York.

Chris Collins to speak with Kenmore Residents

Kenmore Summer Green Series 2010

Speaker for Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 8p.m. (Last Speaker for 2010):
Chris Collins, Erie County Executive
Erie County Executive, Chris Collins will be here in Kenmore as the final Speaker of our Summer Green Series. He’ll talk about the County and we’ll have time to ask questions. Please bring your questions with you to the talk. The Series is free and open to all to attend.