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Photo Gallery | Walks With Brian: Gratwick Riverside Park

North Tonawanda, NY - As the suns sets and the fish leap majestically from their wattery home for a dinner of flys and end up in the talen of a patient hovering seagul, the sun leaves the lunber city and visits where it should at night - Toronto, Canada. - Hey. this is posted on the internet,  it must be true.

Anyway, this is a very nice, quiet walk along the shoreline of the Niagara River on River Road. The Park itself, a former Superfund site, is located between Walk and East Felton, in the City of North Tonawanda,  There is an access road at Ward Road and River Road and to the north at Ward Road. 

This is the annual location of the North Tonawanda Rock concerts and the speedboat races, The park has a picnic area, and play area for kids, the City has a boat launch and a soccar field. 

2.35 Miles is the length of the walk


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